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Introduction & Disclaimer

Poliquin Performance LLC

This Directory provides a list of individuals who have completed courses through the Poliquin International Certification Program (P.I.C.P.) and/or the BioSignature Modulation Program. This database connects individuals with professionals who specialize in improving physical performance and overall wellness.

Disclaimer: BioSignature Modulation and PICP strength training are approaches to health evaluations and fitness regimes. It is important for individuals to realize that selecting a practitioner and/or coach from this database does not substitute for advice and direction from your chosen clinician and physician. Poliquin Performance LLC is not able to advise individuals about any particular physician's expertise or scope of practice.

Poliquin Performance LLC does not investigate the education or credentials of the people who attend our courses. The individuals listed in this database as P.I.C.P. coaches have met the course requirements and successfully passed all related coursework. The individuals listed in this database as BioSignature Practitioners have completed a five day BioSignature Modulation course. Each year BioSignature Practitioners must repeat the course to remain active in this database.

In order to access this database of BioSignature Practitioners and PICP Coaches, you must click below to indicate that you have read, understood, and accept this disclaimer.

I have read and understood this disclaimer, and I accept its stipulations. I do not and will not hold Poliquin Performance LLC responsible in any way for the background, education, scope of practice, or clinical expertise of any practitioner/coach I may contact as a result of using this database. Should I experience any unsatisfactory outcome of care with anyone named in this database, I will not hold Poliquin Performance LLC responsible for that outcome.

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